UPDATED – Find All EPICS on All Season 2 Super Moshi Missions

Completing Season 2 missions with all 3 EPICS collected will give you a one time reward of 500 Rox for each completed  mission.

NOTE: EPICS sometimes show up with a slight delay, so give the a few moments before you panic.

ALSO NOTE: When you finish any Mission, leave the UFO by clicking EXIT on the floor, NOT by using your Back-To-Room button, or you may not get credited. If after exiting you don’t see more Rox on your account, sign out and sign back in. If you still don’t see the 500 Rox, you’ve messed something up :-)

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 1  – Close Encounter of the Zoshi Kind

  • In first screen with a broken jet – open the door on the left hand side of the screen to see first EPIC .
  • After arriving to the airport, give the purple moshling cage to Simon Growl, he’ll say goodbye and leave, the EPIC will show up in his place.
  • In the UFO screen, you can find the last EPIC on the far right hidden behind some leaves, barely visible.

Walkthrough video – no sound

CocoLoco #109

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 2  – Sandy Drain Shenanigans

  • First EPIC is in the Simon Growl’s safe box behind the Cow lady, use the combination of coded characters to unlock it.
  • Second EPIC will show up on the sink (right side) after you clip Zack’s hair using Rolf as a hair clipper .
  • Third EPIC is hidden in the last scene when you start fighting with the Cow lady, it’s behind the pillar on the far left of the screen.

Rolf #029

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 3  – Bungle In The Jungle

  • First EPIC will show up when you feed the Crocodile with microwaved fruit, he will leave it in his bowl.
  • Second EPIC is hidden n the bottom in the dark section of the wood where you pick up remaining Creepy Crawlies.
  • Third EPIC will show up when you place ingredients in the cauldron for cooking in the RIGHT ORDER.

Woolly #058

Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 4  – Big Top Bally-Hoo

  • First EPIC shows up in the circus tent after you move the target board, it can also show up after Pocito’s performance when you come back to the tent.
  • To get second EPIC you need to fix the hammer first, then buy Mr. Snoodle Bank, place it where the hammer hits (red circle, white middle) and smash it.
  • For third EPIC you give the cosmic sandwich to the Captain Squirk in the last scene of the mission, as soon as you see her, if she finishes talking it’s too late.

Pocito #111


Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 5 – Curse of The Paw Waving Kitten

To see how to get Tingaling Moshling and ALL EPICS (+ 500 Rox) from this mission go to this post with 3 video walkthroughs:

NEW Mission Super Moshi Season 2 Mission 5 – Curse of The Paw-Waving Kitten – Get Tingaling

Tingaling Moshling

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